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Quantifying the mind-body connection for allied health

healthQb assesses and remotely monitors biopsychosocial health, and provides actionable, personalized and scientifically validated recommendations to allied health practitioners and their clients

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Our Mission

We believe there is massive potential in the existing relationships between you and your clinician/practitioner. We want to empower your health team to do what they do best - help you live your healthiest, happiest life without a steep learning curve. 

Our vision is a healthier, happier, and more informed population by empowering clinicians and practitioners through actionable, personalized, and scientifically-validated assessments in the comfort of your own home.


What We Do

healthQb remotely monitors patients’ biopsychosocial health and empowers health providers, clinicians and practitioners (like your physiotherapist, your massage therapist and your osteopathic manual practitioner) who, armed with these objective assessments, guide you to your health goals. Our system works alongside your current routines, exercise regimens, diet, and mindset, identifying points of improvement, providing quantified assessments and quantifiable results.

Our system allows you and your health team to: 

Evidence: Review tangible, quantitative assessments of your health and health trends following treatment. 

Identify: Identify and pinpoint the multiple factors that are contributing towards your health conditions or preventing you from reaching your health goals. 

Recommend: Receive personalized recommendations for additional treatment from your existing health team and from other biopsychosocial methods. 

All from the comfort of your home. 


How it works

Client completes healthQb's Baseline Assessment

Practitioner & client review healthQb's biopsychosocial assessment

Practitioner & client action multimodal care team and interventions

Practitioner & client evidence progress with healthQb's monitoring tool


Our Team

We are a team of passionate biohackers, entrepreneurs, practitioners and researchers that want to provide personalized health and wellness recommendations that are consistent with the biopsychosocial model of health.  Our team has been working together since 2018 towards a vision of ending persistent pain and stress.


Azadeh Forghani

Guest Experience Researcher

Azadeh has a PhD in Human Computer Interaction from SFU with a background in computer science and software engineering. 
Her industry experience extends from collaboration with several start-ups to companies like Microsoft Research and Google in the areas of user experience research, domestic computing, and digital health technology.

Christine Somervillle

Operations Leader

Christine has a Bachelor of Applied Science from Queen’s University and an MBA in Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship from UBC. Christine started her career in the energy sector leading major projects in engineering and operations. During her MBA, Christine was involved with e@UBC and Creative Destruction Lab - West and was involved in the founding of a women’s health startup.

Crislita Harsono

Systems Engineer

Crislita has a Bachelor of Applied Science from Waterloo. Crislita has been developing and building software systems for 4 years. 

Fiona Lee

Operations Support

Fiona has a B.Comm from UBC Sauder. While at UBC Sauder, Fiona was a research assistant in the Accounting and MIS Division, an international case competitor and case writer, and a resident advisor. Fiona joined the team in 2019 as a market research intern before joining the operations team after graduation.

Guy Davis

Team Leader

Guy has over 15 years of corporate development experience in business advisory, legal and strategy roles, and in natural resources, retail (global apparel), technology (software and wearable technology) and venture capital sectors. Following a series of preventable deaths and illnesses in his family in 2016-2017, Guy founded healthQb in 2018 after recognizing that measuring psychophysiological health could prevent and vastly improve treatment of chronic health conditions.

Greg Elliott

Clinical Health Leader

Greg has a M.S. in Exercise Science from Bloomsburg University and is in his final stages of his D.O.M.P. from the Canadian School of Osteopathy. He is a leading educator in the science and application of Heart Rate Variability, and uses it in his clinical practice, which focuses on chronic pain patients.

Michael Klose


Mike has a biology degree from University of Alberta. After practicing as a biologist, Mike became a lawyer in 2004. Mike gained experience at two large, well-respected law firms before moving to become in-house counsel in 2014 for two publicly traded technology companies.

Oswald Barral

Data Science Leader

Oswald has a PhD in Computer Science with distinction from the University of Helsinki. His background is in the intersection of artificial intelligence, physiological computing, and HCI. Oswald is now a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of British Columbia working on artificial intelligence for healthcare applications.

Shane Sims

Data Science Analyst

Shane is completing his M.Sc. in Computer Science at UBC and has a B.Sc. with distinction from the University of Calgary. His research involves artificial intelligence, affective computing, and designing task specific neural network architectures. He has joined HealthQB on a temporary basis to work on data driven product development.

Timothy Schokking

Product Leader

Tim's work as a coach and consultant is infused with deep, front-line experience, anchored with a BA in Economics and Business from York University, and a MBA in Corporate Finance and Management of Innovation and New Technology from McMaster University.
Career highlights include managing Innovation Strategy and Operations at Canadian retailer lululemon, where he managed the Innovation Operations team, and developed long-term strategies in collaboration with internal teams and external stakeholders and acted as a critical leader in their large, cross-functional campaigns and initiatives.

Veronica Dudarev

Psychophysiology Researcher

Veronica has a MA in Psychology from the Moscow State University and a PhD in Psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Veronica is currently is a postdoctoral fellow at UBC in the Department of Psychology. The focus of her research is in social cognition, in particular emotion processing. Veronica has been published in leading journals in psychology, such as Emotion and Cognition

Lindssay Tran

Digital Marketing Intern

Lindssay is completing her Bachelor of Business Administration at Simon Fraser University. Her focus in digital marketing entails marketing strategy development, brand building, content strategy, and design. She is also a mindfulness & meditation teacher, and is certified under the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. Her teaching is based on the neuroscience of mindfulness which focuses on breath-awareness, and body-scan.  Lindssay joins the team as a Digital Marketing Intern in 2020.

Tanveer Hundal 

Business Development Intern

Tanveer is working to complete her BBA and certification in Business Analytics and Decision Making from SFU Beedie. During her time at SFU, Tanveer was a business and operations analyst for a tech start-up and led a not-for-profit that creates innovative solutions to solve issues within our community. Tanveer joins the team as Business Development Intern in 2020.

Nikita Mehrotra

Psychophysiology Intern

Nikita is pursing her BA in Psychology and Master's in Management from the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about activities that revolve around enriching the personal and mental well-being of people and diving deep into understanding why people do what they do. Having lived within different socio-cultural geographies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East & Europe, she has a very good understanding of demographics, diversity and culture.

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