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Objective &

Subjective Data

Receive continuous objective and subjective data on your clients BioPsychoSocial

health relating

specifically to functional disorders.

Actionable Recommendations

Get actionable recommendations based on scientifically valid BioPsychoSocial assessments specifically addressing the areas of your clients' health that needs to be addressed.

Track Treatment Efficacy

Tracking treatment and intervention effect and efficacy to better manage your clients biopsychosocial conditions and better quantify the progress they are making.



Remote monitor

your clients progress

to maximize your

clinical impact

and be made aware

when specific clients

need attention.

Nick Mueller,

Athletic Performance Consultant, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Kinesiologist

One of the biggest challenges I face with athletes that travel is monitoring their recovery and resiliency. Health QB and the Biostrap grant me the information needed to coach my athletes with precision based on their bodies responses to training loads and time zone and climate changes. There is no guessing when you assess using HealthQB and the Biostrap.

Jessica Reigh,


As a Physiotherapist who works with clients dealing with chronic pain, I always felt there was a gap in my practice. It was a challenge to measure and understand the impact of biological, psychological and social variables on my clients pain and well-being, and therefore how to direct their treatment programs as efficiently and effectively as possible. HealthQB has filled that gap and created more insight and direction for how I care for my clients, with the greatest benefit being the improvement in their well-being and management of pain.

Kevin Hendry,

BHK, DOMP Osteopathic Practitioner

healthQb is an absolute game changer for health professionals who demand staying up to date with the latest research, technology and innovation. Our medical system and rehab paradigm has overemphasized the role of the musculoskeletal system on pain and movement impairments while underappreciating the role of social and psychological factors for far too long. HealthQb fills the void and provides simple, actionable solutions that will undoubtedly result in vastly improved patient outcomes.

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